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Your product is incredible!
Your product is incredible!
When I first heard of it I decided to do a little investigating. My problem was two fold. first, I have a small 1996 mecury 15hp electic start outboard motor that I use for hunting in the winter months. I don\'t get out often, so my fuel has to sit for some time in between outings. When the second season started I took my boat out, only to have the engine die out not five minutes into my run. This can be quite dangerous considering there are no other boats out there at this time of year and being stranded is not recommended. I finally figured out the cause was water in my fuel, along with it having broken down somewhat sense sitting for more than six to eight weeks. I decided to look into finding a water separator to help fix my prolem. The short of it is, there is nothing out there that will work for my situation. Over the Holidays I got to talking with some old buddies about my problem and asked what they thought could be done. One said Stabil, then another mentioned Startron. I had already used stabil before with no real affects good or bad, but I had not heard of Startron so I went looking. I found it at a Marine store and the salesman seemed to know a good bit about it. I read the card on the bottle and coudn\'t believe what I had read. I thought, if this works it will be a miracle and the answer to all my problems. I got so excitd about it that I bought an 8oz. bottle to try for myself. Now for my second problem. I have a 2003 Toyota 4runner Limited V6. The engine is built to run on high octain fuel and was built before Ethanol hit the market. When I bought the truck it ran beautifully, smooth and quiet, with plenty of pep and power. As time has gone by and the miles have gone up, just over 70,000 on it now. The poor thing knocks and you can hear the valves float when you step on the gas. It had gotten exstreamly loud and I hated it. I take very good care of it, but just cringe when I step on the gas because it has gotten so loud compared to what it used to be. I can not run regular fuel during the winter when they change to winter fuel and even the midrange octain isn\'t much better. Ok, back to my purchase. I came home and later that night I went out and added 2 teaspoons to what was left, about 2 1/2 gallons of old gas, in my outboard tank. The next day I added it to my truck when I filled it up, a little over an ounce of treatment to 22 gallons.(I bought the deisel) Let me tell you, no sooner did I pull out from the pumps I thought I noticed a difference, but thinking it was my imagination I put it off. Well the next day as I drove around doing my usual, you would not believe the difference in the way my truck ran. The valves don\'t float, there is NO knocking and power like I only remembered. It runs so smooth and quiet now, just like when it was new and I am not kidding or exaggerating. Now I put it to the test. I put it 4 wheel drive where I usually drop two tenths of a gallon on my in-dash fuel meter gauge, My meter actually went higher, no lie. Then when I usually pull the boat trailer I also lose 2 tenths. Not this time. My milage stayed the same. This stuff is almost too good to be true. Now, today I took the boat out with what was left of my old gas, just to see if there really was a difference and if this stuff really could breath new life into old fuel. Guess what, it did!!! My motor has never run so well. It fired right up and idled with out missing a beat. Once I blew out the old gas in the carbs, it practically quit smoking and didn't die out on me once. I can not thank you guys enough for what you have given me. This is the only product I have ever used that actually works. Not only does it work, it goes beyond that, it does everything you say and then some. It is truly amazing. I can now drive and play with a piece of mind I never had before, what a gift. I just had to write and tell you what has happened and that this is just after 224 miles! I highly recommend this product to any one, especially if they think they are having fuel problems give this a try, it works.
Thanks again!
Dan Horning


2004 F150 4x4 Spencer Wisconsin

I found your product at local store and read the pamplet enclosed and deceided to try it. my 2004 F150 4x4 was getting around 15 mpg, by the 3 tank of fuel now my last fill i have gotten 18.5 mpg now. I also started to use it on the deisel fuel on the farm.

Mark Bychinski

Spencer Wisconsin

Blue Crack for Jeep

Over the weekend we went to Captiva Island. One of the residents had an older Jeep he rarely uses and it wouldn’t keep idling without a foot on the pedal.
I told them to wait right there, I came back with my blue crack, dumped in two ounces, and within 60 seconds the thing was purring like a kitten. It obviously loosened up some sort of clog in his fuel filter. He’ll be buying a case of the stuff.


Captiva Florida

Kevin and Leslie De Knight
ImageWe wanted to tell you how highly my husband and I think of your company's car care products. We have recently been using Star Brite's car waxes, as well as Star Tron's fuel injector product, for the first time and they are all amazing.
My husband is extremely fond, in particular, of the wax, which works equally well on paint as it does on aluminum and chrome. He is thrilled with the way he can use the same wax to polish his aluminum and chrome as he uses on his paint, because there is no white buildup on non-painted surfaces. In fact, it does a better job of polishing aluminum than does the Mother's aluminum paste wax he has used for years. I am attaching photos of my husband's 1984 Porsche 928S (Euro). The paint is super shiny thanks to your waxes, and just take a look under the hood where you can see that the aluminum is as sparkly as the paint job!
The Star Tron fuel injector product has also had a noticeable (and very good) affect on not only the Porsche, but my 1998 Dodge Durango, as well. Performance and power is improved, and gas mileage is up around 10% in my Durango, which is definitely noteworthy in that gas guzzler!
We're extremely impressed with everything we have tried in the Star Brite world. Thanks so much for making such great products!
Best regards - Kevin and Leslie De Knight
R. Fontenot
I stumbled upon this product about a month or so ago. Since then I have been using it in my 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300SD at every fill-up. This is a well-kept and good-running car and is my daily driver. But Star Tron® has made it even better! It's so quiet I can hardly hear the engine anymore and my mpg has improved by about 3 to 4 mpg! Finally, and this to me is probably the best part, exhaust smoke is virtually been eliminated! Feels like a much newer car. I've purchased Star Tron® twice from a local marine store,
         - Great product!  R. Fontenot
Mark Gallagher
ImageOk guys, WHAT IS THIS STUFF, for real? Yes I've read the tech sheet, but WOW! I have 3 Mercedes Benz diesels, all of the 602/603 engine family in various stages of life. I noticed immediately a noise and smoke reduction in all three, but here's the wow, for no better way to put it. The engine in the best mechanical condition went nearly silent of diesel knock or snap, and totally smoke free on the first tank. It now runs nearly equally as quiet as my gas cars. This is especially noticeable at startup. What I don't believe and am still amazed by is the worst one, a 1987 190D Turbo with 273,000 miles. I just drove it to L.A. from Chicago with a major detour through Colorado and Utah on single lane high altitude roads. This along with averaging 80mph on most interstate highways. I knew this engine to be the least well cared for (I bought it used 50,000 miles ago) and was exhibiting exhaust valve seat and guide wear issues, along with poor smokey starts and poor cold weather warm up as well. This was after replacing injectors, distribution valves, filters, timing, bad glow plugs, etc., etc., etc. I was down to a valve job and a pump overhaul lastly. I know it still could use the valve work, but now, not anytime too soon. At idle, there was always a distinct unburned fuel or rich "burn" stench present in the exhaust as well as a "soft" pulse in the exhaust from the weak cylinder. Well, after 2,800 very hard driven miles and constant use of Star TronŽ, I kid you not, this engine now runs as smooth as a 5-cylinder could possible run AND, the rich smell is gone, the smoke is gone, the snap is gone. It starts with out missing. I can still feel a very slight "miss" or weak cylinder at idle, but nothing like it was before the Star TronŽ treatment over the 2,800 miles to L.A.. I would have loved to have borescoped and photographed the intakes, combustion and pre-chambers and exhaust passages in the head before and after the trip to asses the changes So, fill me in on what happened! And what or where can I expect a peaking of improvement, i.e., the number of miles or hours where maximum benefit is realized? As I mentioned, I'm closing in on 3,000 miles of usage so far with the 190D.
        - Thanks, Mark Gallagher