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Stihl blower and trimmer
I am a firm believer in your product. I first used it at Thanksgiving of 09. Mixed 2 oz to 3 gallons of 10% fuel. Then did 1 gal of 40: 1 for my Stihl blower and trimmer. Noticed the blower working better (more force) immediately on wet leaves. I went through 3 tanks of fuel on my 14 year old 4.5 hp Briggs powered push mower. By the third tank I noticed much less hesitation, especially when I hit heavy patches of grass. I also noticed that I was mowing more area before refueling. But the kicker was last Saturday (3/20/10) when I pulled the mower out, hit the primer bulb 5 times and it started on the first pull after being stored in my shed through the coldest, wettest winter Virginia has seen in years. This mower has NEVER started on the first pull. From now on it's StarTron all the way.
3 Thumbs Up!
I noticed this new stuff called Star Tron in my local Meijer store and started reading the label. What got my attention was that it contains enzymes. Being familiar with Ethanol 'brewing' processes and knowing some of the fantastic things enzymes are capable of, so I decided to give it a try. I mixed some in the tank of one particular lawn mower that was always very hard to start, even after repeated carburetor cleanings and other gas additives (Sta-Bil). After forgetting about it for a few days, I went to use it and the results were nothing less than spectacular. Not only did the hard starting problem disappear, but the surging problem was also gone. It must have got inside the tiny passages in the carburetor that I was unable to clean. After trying it in other engines with similar results, I now use it in just about everything. My annual 5 gallon tank of gas for yard equipment goes strong for the whole season. There's no such thing as an engine fix-all in a bottle, but if the problems are from bad gas, gum, and varnish, Star Tron sure comes close. I'm not too impressed with many new products, but the performance of Star Tron speaks for itself. It's like a carburetor cleaning in a bottle. If I had 3 thumbs to put up, they would be for Star Tron.
Robert Dvoracek
David Fry's Small Engines
I first heard of Star Tron at a web site (Mytractorforum).  I have an older Bolens tractors,a Green Machine trimmer and a Homelite chainsaw. I have been running treated gasoline in all of these engines. When I first used treated gass in the tractors I noticed some black soot when the engine was under load, but it cleared up when running the second tank of gas. The trimmer did not show the soot but did run much better with the treated gas mix. The chainsaw starts much easier even if it sits for a long time. As a hobby, I repair small engines on lawn mowers, trimmers, and chainsaws. I always put in some treated gas when repairing them. They start much better after running for a short while. I am also putting the Star Tron in the gas for our 55 Yahama outboard engine on a 24 foot pontoon. It runs much better and a lot cleaner.


David L. Fry
Fire Station 15 - Hamilton, NJ

We use only Star Brite products to keep our apparatus clean, also I can't say enough about your Star Tron product. We had nothing but trouble with our portable pumps, fans, ect. Not running properly with this new E-10 ethanol. We run Star Tron in all our equipment and have not had a problem since. Thanks for producing a great product.

ADDENDUM - Added 4/24/09

Your Star Tron product has been outstanding. Since we started using this in our small engines we have not had any fuel issues. Before we started using the Star Tron treatment we had tried several other products that we just were not satisfied with. In the Emergency Services business we need to know that when are equipment is needed it will perform flawlessly. At this time I would like to thank each and every person in your organization for producing such a wonderful product. I feel without this in our fuel the possibility of a fuel related problem is imminent and lives would be at great risk.

Tom Garey Fire Captain (Gas man #84 Team)
Fire District #5 Station 15
Hamilton, NJ

Jim’s Small Engine Repair
ImageAfter Hurricane Wilma, it seems like everyone in South Florida bought a generator, but since we didn’t have any storms this past summer, none of them were run and few of the owners knew to add fuel stabilizer to the tanks. When the owners finally did try to start them, they couldn’t. As a result, I had a backlog of 30 generators in my shop for carburetor rebuilds. I added Star Tron® to the fuel and got all of the generators back in running order quicker than I could imagine. I now use Star Tron® in all of the small engines I repair, from chain saws to lawn mowers. I recommend it to my customers to keep their engines in top condition and to stabilize the fuel between use. This stuff is the handiest “tool” in my shop.                   
     - Jim Morgan, Jim’s Small Engine Repair, Fort Lauderdale, FL